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你好 假装被击倒而故意输掉

We take a dive for ratings. 我们潜水的评级。



这是没关闭软驱的原因,进Floppy configuration选项选择Disabled关闭,按F10保存退出即可。 另外,你的BIOS恢复成出厂状态了,请更换主板电池。

一个单词吗? 我没学过这个单词,没有这个单词

额大姨五(V) 说真的, 还真没这个词哦

A.reject是因质量差而不出售、不用、或不出版的意思。也有拒绝的意思,与refuse近义。reject主要是不接受,eg,reject one's advise; refuse主要是拒绝给与,eg ,refuse one's invitation。

In pain the bird catcher threw down the twigs, and the noise made the Dove take wing. One good turn deserves another Snake-like Reflection of a Bow...

i'm cradling the softest, warmest part of you in my hands feels like a little baby bird fallen from the nest i think that your body is something i understand i think that i'm happy i think that i'm blessed but i've had a lack o...

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